Hall Powell

March 21, 2023

Christianity Is Not “DOING,” It Is “BEING”

At best, what is called or referred to as “Christianity” in today’s culture is, in my opinion, a poor counterfeit of the real meaning of the word. History acknowledges that the first followers of Jesus were called “disciples” before he was crucified, and , they were initially identified as “Children of The Way.” The Bible records that the first reference to them being called Christians was in ancient Antioch: “And it was in Antioch that the disciples were first called Christians,” (Acts 11:26).
November 17, 2022

Hall Powell’s Journey into Faith and Fundraising

Little did Hall Powell know that when he declared Business Administration as his major track at the University of Alabama in the Fall of 1956, that his “business” career would evolve into 38 years in the nonprofit sector, both as a development officer and consultant. Hall’s “business” ultimately became a ministry of philanthropy. The 21 years in the private business sector, prior to entering into the wonderful world of philanthropy, definitely helped to prepare him for an impactful and successful career.